The Inauguration of the Controversial Democratic Party Leader Joe Biden

Philippa Dearlove

Following the inauguration of Joseph Biden on 20th January 2021, a huge sense of relief amongst both wealthy capitalists and the struggling working class is palpable across America. To the 50 million people predicted to suffer food poverty in the wake of Donald Trump’s amnesic response to the COVID-19 pandemic. To the 100,000 businesses faced with permanent closure. To the 70 million people who entered the pandemic with inadequate healthcare insurance following Trump’s attack on Obamacare. Biden presents hope.

However, as Twitter erupts with challenges towards the legitimacy of Biden’s intentions to unify, spectators are reminded of his twisted past. Not only has Biden stood-behind and spearheaded the enforcement of a vast array of segregating and racist strategies, including Bill Clinton’s Crime Bill and the destruction of Desegregation Bussing (the most successful policy for improving black educational attendance), Biden is also responsible for the invasion that prompted the Iraq war. Therefore, with America on the brink of civil war, after four years of unprecedented misinformation and neglect, questions surface as to whether Biden has the capacity to extract fuel from the explosive fire burning in America.

Will the political left and voiceless minorities truly be represented, or will the vacuum of opportunity for right extremists widen further?

In a climate ripe for social and political change, we can only hope that Biden responds appropriately to the actions of his predecessor by taking significant steps towards rebalancing inequality and tackling systemic racism; providing justice to those who have suffered at the hands of the corrupt and discriminatory system. Looking at Biden’s first acts as president, through his signing of executive orders concerning COVID-19, the environment, racial inequality, immigration and international relations, he has demonstrated a promising start to his presidency. Additionally, through setting out clear objectives for his first 100 days in office, including the administration of 100 million vaccinations and an ambitious 1.9 trillion-dollar economic relief plan, he appears determined to reverse the economic and social effects of his predecessor’s negligence.

However, under world-wide scrutiny, as he fills the shoes of the most controversial and internationally infamous ‘celebrity’ of all time. Biden must now, more than ever become a symbol of reliability and stability to America and equally, the rest of the world.

Trump’s lifetime social media ban has forced him to take the first steps towards tackling his addiction to spouting rubbish, including distancing himself from temptations such as leading the ‘Great Awakening,’ instead, focussing upon obtaining a healthy and happy lifestyle as he fades to irrelevance in his mansion in Palm Beach. The dizzying Trump era is over, leaving us to speculate if the extremist ideologies he normalised within the public sphere will return to their once closeted existence, or if the roots of the far-right are now bound too tightly to both the state and its governance.


Philippa Dearlove HRJ Peer Reviewer 2021