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Our Panel for the HRJ Prize 2018/19


We are excited to announce that we have finalised our panel of academics and postgraduates, who will decide which academic essay submitted to the Human Rights Journal will win our HRJ Prize 2018/19. The panel can be found below:

  • Dr Javier Garcia Oliva, Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester (specialising in law, religion and human rights)
  • Dr Sam Jarvis, Teaching Fellow at the University of Southampton (specialising in the normative foundations of international relations)
  • Wayne Ramwell, Doctoral Candidate at the University of Leeds (specialising in human rights and constitutional law)
  • Tess Hornsby Smith, Learning and Teaching Enhancement Officer in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures at the University of Leeds
  • Rosa Morahan, Former Managing Editor of the University of Leeds Human Rights Journal

The HRJ Prize will be awarded to the best piece of original research published in the Journal this year. Not only is the Prize a mark of excellence but it is worth £100!

The deadline for all submissions to this year's Volume of the Journal is 11th February.