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A platform for the best undergraduate research at Leeds


The University of Leeds Human Rights Journal was founded in 2012 by University of Leeds History undergraduate, Hannah Tigerschiold. The purpose of the journal is to provide a platform for passionate undergraduates to publish their academic and creative work on the theme of human rights; a theme which seems a natural choice considering its inherently inclusive nature for almost every creative and academic field.

Contributing to the University of Leeds Human Rights Journal provides students with an insight into the world of academic publishing. An integral part of the publication however is that it provides a platform to raise awareness about human rights issues. The journal is contributed to by undergraduate students and those involved with the project are able to develop valuable skills to use in their future careers, including editing, design, finance, marketing and publicity.

As a multidisciplinary journal, the publication brings together students from different faculties and disciplines to produce content that is varied and stimulating for readers. Through their commitment to publish material on a diverse range of both domestic and international human rights issues, the editorial team hopes to encourage readers to expand their knowledge and understanding of the field. Our eight issue was published in Summer 2020, featuring academic and creative work drawn from students in the Faculty of Arts, Education, Social Sciences and Law, and the Business School.

It is the aim of the journal to provide a platform through which authors can communicate their viewpoints on human rights issues in new and challenging ways. In the journal, readers will therefore find formal academic papers intermixed with photography, reflective writing and poetry. It is hoped that this diversity in content will ensure the project continues to both engage and inspire.