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General Questions

  1. Can I submit something I have written for a module? Yes. We accept anything written for a module at Leeds if the topic is relevant to human rights.
  2. Does it still count as research if I wrote it for a module? Yes. Even if you didn't write the question you still researched the answer.
  3. Can I submit something I wrote last year? Yes. If it was written for a module you studied at Leeds or even while studying abroad that's fine. However you must be a current undergraduate Leeds student to submit.
  4. Can I submit more than one piece? We accept only one piece of academic work so choose your best work. You can, however, submit multiple creative pieces. Check our submissions guidelines for all submission requirements.
  5. What if I have used another referencing system on my submission? We know it's frustrating but the journal needs a consistent referencing style so you will have to reconfigure your references in the footnote format. We encourage you to consult the MHRA style guidelines on the Leeds University library referencing website.
  6. Can I submit if I am a postgraduate? No, sorry. We are an undergraduate only journal to showcase the best research done by undergraduate students at the University of Leeds.
  7. Can I submit if I am just studying at Leeds as a foreign exchange student? Yes! If you have a student number and are taking undergraduate modules we encourage you to submit.
  8. Can I submit something that is not in English? No, unfortunately we cannot peer-review submissions not written in English.
  9. Can I submit my Dissertation or Long Essay? No. The maximum word limit for academic submissions is 3300 words. If you write an essay of no more than 3300 words based on your dissertation research you can submit it if it's relevant to human rights.
  10. What counts as human rights? There's no easy answer to that, human rights is a broad topic and encompasses many disciplines. If you think it is appropriate for the journal then we encourage you to submit. If you want to check with us whether we would consider your topic relevant, send us an email at
  11. What if I have something that isn't an essay but isn't creative? If in doubt you can email us at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

The Peer-Review Process

  1. How will submissions be chosen? All submissions will be double blind peer-reviewed by our undergraduate editorial board just as they would for a professional academic journal.
  2. Who will choose which submissions are published? The editorial board is composed of undergraduate students from across the university, representing the faculties of ESSL and Arts.
  3. When will I hear if my submission has been accepted? You will hear back from us in April to hear whether the submission has been accepted or not.
  4. Will I have to make any edits? If successful, it is highly likely you will have to make some edits. You will be given 2 weeks to complete these and return them to us.
  5. When will the journal be printed? Volume 9, Issue 1 is due to be printed in Spring/Summer 2021.
  6. Will there be a print edition? Yes. We don't know yet how many copies we will print but there will definitely be hard copies of the journal available.
  7. If my work is not accepted to the Journal can I get feedback? Yes. If you ask for feedback we can let you know what comments the editors made on your work and their reasons for accepting or rejecting it.