Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief: Mahal Abdulla
Editor-in-Chief 2022/23. Second Year BA Politics & Social Security
Managing Editor: Aliya Kanat
Online Editor 2022/23. Second Year LLB Law
Managing Editor: Benedek Bordas
Finance Managing Editor 2021/22. Second Year BA Economics & History
Managing Editor: Cameron Christie
Outreach Managing Editor 2021/22. Second Year BA International Relations
Managing Editor: Lucy Vo
Managing Communications Editor 2021/22. Fourth Year BA French & History

Steering Committee 2021/22

Associate Professor in Human Rights Law.
Associate Professor, SSP and Director of Centre for Ethnicity and Racism Studies.
Assistant Accountant, AHC.
Student Education Enhancement Officer, AHC.

Peer Reviwers 2021/22

Flora Hamilton – BA International Relations, Final Year

Sara Sofea Binti Lukmann Sheriff – BA Law, Third Year

James Nash – BA Law, First Year

Dieudonné Bila РBA International Development, Second Year

Sarah Bannon – BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Third Year

Agnes Cazemiro de Melo – BA International Relations, Third Year

Jacqueline Adjei – BA History, Final Year

Kerry Pearson – BA International History and Politics, Final Year