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HRJ Team

Editorial Board

Managing Editor: Aliya Kanat

Online Editor 2022/23.

Second Year LLB Law

Managing Editor: Cameron Christie

Outreach Managing Editor 2021/22.

Second Year BA International Relations

Managing Editor: Lucy Vo

Managing Communications Editor 2021/22.

Fourth Year BA French & History

Steering Committee 2021/22

Ilias Trispiotis

Associate Professor in Human Rights Law.

Ipek Demir

Associate Professor, SSP and Director of Centre for Ethnicity and Racism Studies.

Ed Clarke

Assistant Accountant, AHC.

Tess Hornsby Smith

Student Education Enhancement Officer, AHC.

Peer Reviwers 2021/22

Flora Hamilton - BA International Relations, Final Year

Sara Sofea Binti Lukmann Sheriff - BA Law, Third Year

James Nash - BA Law, First Year

Dieudonné Bila - BA International Development, Second Year

Sarah Bannon - BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Third Year

Agnes Cazemiro de Melo - BA International Relations, Third Year

Jacqueline Adjei - BA History, Final Year

Kerry Pearson - BA International History and Politics, Final Year