LHRJ Blog Short Writer’s Guide

What does a LHRJ blog post look like? How long should a blog post be?

We only accept submissions from UK undergraduate and postgraduate students. Written pieces have to be focused on any human rights issues around the world, with a cover of a photo or an art piece related to the topic. Please be careful of plagiarism and copyright issues in your submissions.

The word count of your blog post should be between 500-850 words.

When is the deadline?  There is no deadline. We accept blog submissions throughout the academic year, on a plethora of topics.

Can we pitch ideas? When? How do we contact you? To pitch an idea, please email us: smlhrj@leeds.ac.uk. Alternatively, please join our Blog Contributors 2021/22 Group on Facebook. This group is for current students who have expressed an interest in contributing to the Leeds Human Rights Journal. It is a space for us to pitch ideas to you, and for you to pitch ideas to us.

Where do we send our blog posts? To submit an article please email us: smlhrj@leeds.ac.uk. When submitting your submissions, please include the name of your university, degree course and year of study.

Which format do you accept? Please send us a link to a Google Doc or a Microsoft Word document as we can make edits and suggestions before submission.

Do you accept images to accompany blog submissions? All blog posts require an appropriate image to accompany your blog submissions. Please send us an image that is copyright free. Alternatively, you may also send an image taken by yourself.

What is a good example of a LHRJ blog post?

Please see the following recent articles:

  1. A President’s Military Powers: The Last Pillar of Bi-Partisanship? By Jack Valentine
  2. The Catalan Election Results and The Fight for Independence. By Samuel Blencoe
  3. The Link Between Climate Change and Human Rights. By Valentina Casulli
  4. The Inauguration of the Controversial Democratic Party Leader Joe Biden. By Philippa Dearlove


Spelling and grammar: Please see this page for more information.